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From our origins as a western boot company and companion to our brother brand, Double-H Boots, Sonora has evolved into a chic east-meets-west collection that incorporates classic silhouettes with timeless appeal. In our collection you’ll find traditional classic western styles along with new urban and riding silhouettes designed for fashionable women throughout the US seeking comfortable, quality boots with distinctive style.

Live the Sonora Lifestyle

About Us

Sonora is a beautiful collection of women’s footwear inspired by the Sonoran Desert.

Crafted in rich suedes and soft leathers, the collection offers rugged styles crafted with a soft femininity, expressed in rich color and unique, artful detailing.

Each pair of Sonora boots is designed with a unique custom fit with a wonderful feel to give women lasting, natural comfort.

The Sonoran Desert

Our Name

Sonora is named after the Sonoran Desert, which spans from the southwestern United States to northern Mexico. It is one of the largest deserts in North America, covering 120,000 square miles of sandy dunes and mountain ranges. The rugged terrain, colorful plants and flowers and beautiful sunsets of this desert have inspired the designs in our collections. When you step into a pair of Sonora shoes, we hope will you feel as beautiful as the Sonoran in all its splendor. We invite you to step into our world.

An Oasis of Comfort

Oasis Comfort

At Sonora, we feel it’s important that our shoes are not only stylish, but also comfortable! Since all women’s feet are not created equal, we developed Oasis, our new comfort and fit system that provides a custom-feeling fit for women with every type of feet. With Oasis technology built inside, each pair of Sonora shoes and boots is designed to feel just as comfortable at the end of a long day as when you first put them on.